Welcome to Cryptonation: An Interview with Gustavo Araújo

We Think Different (Photo Credit: Cryptonation)

We Think Different (Photo Credit: Cryptonation)


Do Bitcoin users think differently? Gustavo Araújo, founder and creative director of Cryptonation.soy, believes that they do. “They are usually people with a libertarian spirit, and they are more open minded,” Araújo explained to me. “The world will be transformed (and already has been) thanks to people like this.”

For over two months, Cryptonation has been teasing their designs on social media, and the pre-sale finally launched on October 28. Their catalog includes twenty different t-shirt designs, a range from funny sayings (“I’m Satoshi Nakomoto”) to symbols of hope (a Bitcoin flag on the moon). According to Araújo, the ideas come from “the sense of humor [of the community] and the community style”; the shirts are inspired by and designed for the Bitcoin community.

Araújo comes from a digital background and first learned about Bitcoin after hearing about the Deep Web. “I’ve always been interested in projects with changing power, especially the libertarian ones,” he said. He immediately identified with Bitcoin, and his support for cryptocurrency has only grown since.

While he prefers to make payments with bitcoins, Araújo is particularly excited about the future of blockchain technology. “I think Bitcoin and the blockchain came to change our society for the better,” he told me. Araújo believes that the changes to our lives brought about by the blockchain protocol will be of a similar magnitude to the changes brought about by the internet: “Blockchain is the revolution!”


I Love Magic Internet Money (Photo Credit: Cryptonation)

Although the media has generally become more positive about blockchain technology in recent months, Araújo still acknowledges the challenges facing mainstream adoption. One of the shirts available from Cryptonation proclaims, “I love magic internet money”, making light of the fact that some people think that Bitcoin is not actually real money. Araújo describes himself as an “eternal optimist” with regards to Bitcoin and the blockchain. “Sometimes it amazes me how the media addresses this issue, but I think that is a part of the evolutionary process,” he said.

The Brazilian-based company strives to bring the message of revolution & liberation to the masses through their designs. “At the International Free Software Forum here in Brazil, I was asked a few times [about the shirt] and always [received] very positive reactions when I explained what it was and how the technology worked,” Araújo commented on the impact of wearing the t-shirts out in public.

From now until November 27, customers can pre-order the clever designs at discount prices. Items will begin shipping in December.

– Emily Braun

To check out all of the products available from Cryptonation, click here!

Featured designs:
We Think Different
I Love Magic Internet Money
Bitcoin to the Moon

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